Word of Light

Using the Gospel of John in Performance

Angus Stuart has now also memorized the Gospel of John from the NRSV and is exploring opportunities to use this, or portions of this, in performance.  The problem, of course, is that compared to the Gospel of Mark, the Gospel of John is longer and therefore less attractive to sit through in a single session, even with breaks.  Angus is therefore looking for ways to present complete sections of the Gospel, and/or to offer it as a series of performances – perhaps over the course of a weekend (this would work well in retreat contexts) or over a short period of time – perhaps within a week.

In March 2014, Angus used portions of the Gospels of Mark and John in a retreat for the North Vancouver Deanery held at Rivendell Retreat Centre on Bowen Island B.C. under the title “Taking the Word to Heart” – a play on the theme of learning the Gospel by heart and picking up on the parable of the sower in Mark’s Gospel as well as John’s prologue.  As this was at the end of Lent leading up to Passion Week, use was made of the passion narratives from Mark 14-15 and John 13-19, as well as from Matthew 26-27 which Angus had been learning in advance of reciting it as the Passion Gospel for Palm Sunday.

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