Here’s a selection of comments that others have made on the experience of seeing Testament of a Naked Man – Good News According to Mark:

“I found myself telling friends of the excellence of your presentation and hear myself say that you were a ‘master storyteller!’”

“Thank you for sharing this particular deeply spiritual gift you have with those of us who were privileged to be in the cathedral last evening. You made the Gospel of St. Mark come alive in a way I had never known and I sensed from the almost palpable emotion in the room that I was not alone.”

“I cried at the end.  I think I really heard the Gospel of Mark for the very first time.  Genius performance.”

“It evoked for me what I have read about Greek drama–namely, that the audience, already knowing the plot, were especially interested in how the dramatist was going to treat it. It also reminded me of the phenomenon at concerts, when the audience applauds the beginning of a song that they already know well. We all know the story, and you gave us the opportunity to hear it as a whole, instead of in the little snippets that we serve up on Sunday morning detached from the body, as it were.”

“This was stunning – thank you so much for a wonderful evening out in downtown Vancouver on a Friday night! Amazing!  The presentation was inspiring and gripping – never over-acted, never a monologue. Just a joy to be there.”

“I cried when you took us to the crucifixion…. and I loved some of your interpretation which brought humour and a real sense of what it was REALLY like in those days.“

“Even though every ‘story’ or parable was familiar, I was nonetheless struck with how fresh it appears while hearing, and seeing it performed. Also, its poetry and the fluidity of the story line was so apparent when taken in the whole, and themes such as the water theme that flow through it, or the themes around The Journey, or The Search, become so apparent. It has meaning, but, who knew it had beauty?”

“It added another dimension to Mark’s Gospel as I imagined myself among the very early ones who came to belief by listening, not reading.”

“I remain amazed and deeply moved by the experience.  Although my preacher’s mind was sometimes busily dissecting and comparing different parts of the story, this full immersion oral experience of one gospel has had a profound impact on my psyche that I am still unable to articulate.  But I am enjoying stretching into some kind of bigger view of the gospel than I have ever experienced before.  To say thank-you is to fall completely short on all counts, but please know that the experience is continuing to touch, teach and even heal me on a profound level.”

“Just wanted to let you know my friends and I very much were inspired and very much enjoyed your beautiful recitation of the Gospel of Mark on Sunday afternoon.[My friend], who leads a weekly Christian meditation group,  talked about it all the way home and then sent an e-mail! She was so astonished that you were able to commit so much to memory and also that you were able to so effectively bring the Gospel to life on an almost empty stage, just a couple of props. [My other friend] was most surprised at the feelings that arose in her at certain points, especially when speaking of the miracles of healing, the prediction of betrayal, and the  three times denial. The three of us agreed we would happily attend again.”

“I really enjoyed your performance last Sunday.  I thought it was unique and inspirational.  I do feel that it is a very current way of telling the story.  You seem to engage the audience in the story through all your props and actions.”

Being present to Angus’s performance of the Gospel of Mark is truly a transformative experience in ‘being present’ to the story of life and teachings of Jesus. Angus makes it Real. It is a beautiful experience for anyone on a spiritual path, anyone who has heard a bit about JC but has never really explored what he did or said when he was here, teaching the way to peace on earth, care of the soul, performing miracles, and healing. I have seen this performance at least five times with different groups of friends. Whether Christian, follower of another religion, or not identifying with any particular spiritual path or religion at all, this performance is a profound experience about a great spiritual being that most beople in the West know something about. See this if you can. How wonderful to ‘take it on the road’!”


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