NAKED MAN ON THE ROAD – DAY ONE: St. Mark’s Cathedral, Seattle

So I am FINALLY on my way, after weeks and months of planning and preparing.  Uneventful and pleasant drive down to Seattle, straightforward crossing of the border, and the first performance at St. Mark’s Episcopal Cathedral in Seattle – not in the sanctuary but in Bloedel Hall, which has it’s own stage…

2015-04-08 St Mark's Seattle 2

Nice set, simple and, I believe, effective – using a mix of items I found and scrounged on site plus a few regular items that I carry with me.

2015-04-08 St Mark's Seattle 3

2015-04-08 St Mark's Seattle 5

After the “performance” I stood for a photo in front of the banner of St. Mark…

2015-04-08 St Mark's Seattle 1

Now I am looking forward to a few days of retreat and relaxation after all the busyness and fullness leading up to Easter.  Heading south towards my beloved Redwoods to begin a week’s retreat there on Monday, April 13 – totally off the grid – so don’t expect to hear from me for a few days!

[Please note: you can click on any of these images to see them full size!]


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